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SEO Services

Looking to increase your visibility in search engines?  Our custom tailored SEO campaigns work overtime to drive traffic and ensure your customers can always find you.

PPC Management

Get an instant influx of sales by targeting your ideal customers with highly visible paid ads. Fine tuned campaigns deliver qualified and click-happy visitors.

Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms are essential components of a balanced digital advertising strategy. Target your audience using a wide variety of filters.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Struggling to turn your site traffic into leads and sales?   Let us help you convert more visitors into buyers through our conversation rate optimization services.

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Why Beacon Media?

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we don’t provide you with vanity metrics like pageviews and clicks. We deliver results based performance that you can see in your bottom line.  We’ve grown businesses  across multiple verticals, including Automotive, Beauty, eCommerce, Skin care,  Education, Telco, Local and more.   

Our team of exceptional marketers, copywriters, and developers have the skills and industry experience necessary to execute your next marketing campaign.  Clients can benefit from our paid search specialists, social media marketers, and local business experts.   

From startups, medium-sized companies, and large enterprises, Beacon Media can help you launch and scale through our 10+ years of experience and proven processes.  


Dominate With Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is widely considered one of the most powerful methods of promotion allowing businesses to reach an enormous audience that is both cost-effective and measurable. 

By recognizing the power that comes from the massive reach and scalability of digital marketing, businesses are seeing unprecedented growth.

Compared to traditional marketing like print ads and mailers, digital marketing delivers much higher returns at a lower cost.  Using digital marketing to promote your business is a winning strategy.

Cost Effective

As one of the most cost-effective methods to market your business, digital marketing can deliver real exposure at a fraction of the cost of traditional forms of marketing.  

Conventional marketing often requires larger budgets, which can prevent smaller companies and startups from competing effectively.

By leveraging the power of digital marketing, businesses can now take advantage of the same platforms and ad space typically reserved for larger companies.


How do you truly know if your marketing dollars are working for you? With digital marketing analytics in place, businesses can now measure every facet of their campaign from individual ad to landing page performance. 

With real, measurable numbers guiding the decisions of your next marketing campaign, you can reduce your costs while intelligently scaling your business.  

Digital marketing removes the guesswork allowing you to make informed decisions.


One of the most powerful benefits of digital marketing is its ability to laser target a specific audience. 

Why is this important? Focused marketing campaigns reduce wasted and ineffective ad spend while reaching your ideal customers.

Customers searching for your product or service generally start their journey with a search engine using keywords and phrases relevant to your business. 

Need to target by demographics or interest? Social media advertising enables you to focus on attributes that match your desired audience allowing you to zero in on the ideal customer.


Digital marketing is proven to offer greater flexibility than conventional marketing through its ability to allow quick changes midstream.  

Making adjustments to a campaign is not only easier but also more cost effective.  A social media ad can be quickly tailored to engage an entirely new audience.  An eCommerce site can rapidly showcase new products by updating their shopping platform data feed. 

Digital marketing offers businesses the flexibility to reach current and prospective customers across multiple devices, platforms, and ad formats.  Businesses that recognize this will ultimately increase their chances of long-term survival.


Once your campaigns have established an ROI, its time to begin scaling to achieve maximum growth.  

With paid ad campaigns, this could take the form of optimizing your current campaigns, rolling out new campaigns, or leveraging your existing traffic through remarketing and conversion rate optimization. 

No matter what industry your business is in, your audience is using search engines and social media, which means growth is only a matter of taking action.  

Investing in digital marketing services can deliver traffic, leads, and revenue at scale.

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Digital Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing leverages the multiple channels available online to connect with prospects and customers.  Beacon Media focuses on search engine optimization, paid search, and paid social advertising.  Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is measurable which means your return on your investment can be quickly evaluated.

Unlike a conventional marketing agency, a digital marketing consultancy has much more flexibility to adapt to your unique business needs.  You can hire us to develop a digital marketing strategy that your inhouse team can implement, or if you prefer, we can develop as well as execute the plan.  

The short answer is, it depends.  Every business has unique goals, budgets, and timelines which means a one size fits all strategy is not ideal.


We recommend that most businesses take advantage of the multiple channels available to ensure rapid and long-lasting growth.

SEO, for example can deliver traffic, leads, and sales long after a PPC campaign has ended.  If your business is looking to generate B2B leads, a social media campaign via LinkedIn would be a good fit.


With every new client, we dig deep to get a full understanding of your product or service, your ideal customer, and your competitors.  Once we've determined your target audience, we can begin selecting the optimal mix of digital marketing methods.

Paid digital marketing programs should create results immediately. On the other hand, programs such as search engine optimization require persistence and patience but tend to yield returns long after the SEO campaign is complete.


You may see some results in a matter of months; however, it’s likely to be six months to a year before you realize some of your traffic and conversion objectives.  For those looking to maximize traffic and conversions, we recommend a combination of paid and organic campaigns.

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