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Social Media Advertising Services

Paid social media advertising campaigns provide unique advantages compared to other marketing channels.  A well-optimized social media campaign can help you quickly engage with your target audience across multiple platforms.  

With so many platforms available and each having unique targeting options, ad formats, and audience intent, it is essential your business has a comprehensive strategy for social success.    

Facebook Advertising

Still the most dominant social media platform,use Facebook’s ample number of filters to target your ideal customers by location, age range, user interests, and more.  Target both B2C and B2B audiences.

Instagram Advertising

This visually-engaging platform is ideal for businesses that are looking to showcase their products or services with high-quality photos and striking visuals.  Capture eyeballs and market share using the Instagram feed.

YouTube Advertising

As the largest video advertising platform and the second largest search engine, YouTube commands a huge audience that can’t be ignored.  With YouTube Ads, you can get your video in front of a targeted audience.

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest is known as a discovery platform, which means users are open to new ideas, products, and services.  Target users searching for pins related to your product or service. Use various ad formats from promoted pins to video. 

LinkedIn Advertising

Take advantage of this powerful B2B tool.  Use LinkedIn advertising to reach decision-makers and professionals. B2B companies looking to boost awareness, drive website traffic, and influence conversions will find LinkedIn an essential platform.

Twitter Advertising

With hundreds of different interest categories, Twitter advertising can help your business build trust and relationships through the power and prominence of promoted tweets.  Quickly reach both B2B and B2C audiences.

Target Your Customers

Identify and engage with your specific audience

Social media platforms are where your potential customers are spending their time and money, which means your business needs to be there. Target your ads based on your audience’s location, age, gender, education level, interests, and more.

We design, create and execute ad campaigns across the most popular social media platforms while monitoring for optimization opportunities. We use both native and inhouse ad tools to ensure your business is effectively engaging with your customers.

Our social media campaign management process will help you reach your business goals.

Measure Performance

Detailed reports to make data driven decisions

Measuring the effectiveness of your social media ad campaigns is just as important as getting them off the ground.  You can’t improve what you can’t measure.  

Social analytics provides you with the insight and ability to optimize your campaign for maximum performance.  This business intelligence will allow you to quickly identify, predict, and respond to your customers while reducing your ad spend.  

Our team provides in-depth reporting so you can quickly determine how well your social media advertising campaigns are performing.

Gain Exposure

Fast results and flexibility when you need it

With paid social ad campaigns, you can promote your products or services to your intended audience on multiple platforms while gaining immediate exposure.  

With extensive targeting options, you have full control of your campaign’s reach and focus.  Scale up or down as needed while gathering data and measuring performance.  Social media can get your brand in front of people quickly and easily. 

Build brand awareness, generate conversation, and grow your sales. 

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Everyone is on social media. A huge chunk of everyone’s time is dedicated to scrolling through their feed. If you want to get your brand noticed, social media is the place to be.

Absolutely! Not only is social media advertising a great way to increase brand awareness, website traffic, and conversions, but with the right strategic approach it can a powerful tool to help you crush the digital marketing world and take your business to the next level. Some industries see higher engagement than others on social media and it is worth speaking with a digital marketing professional to see the benefits your business can expect from social media advertising.

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A social media post is content you share on social media platforms for people to see organically, while an ad is paid and targeted for a specific audience. You can boost your social media content by paying to reach people who don’t follow your social accounts.

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By understanding your social media goals for an advertising campaign, you can set a budget to effectively meet your goals. Are you looking to increase your business page following? Do you want to send people to your website? Do you want to increase conversions or leads? Allocate enough funds towards advertisements that are designed to meet your specific marketing objectives.

Facebook ads can run for as little as $5/day, and their boosted posts can run for $1/day. So ask yourself, how many people do I want to reach? The reach of your ads is dependent on the target market you choose. Ad platforms can choose your budget and will then provide an estimated range of your audience size so you know if your target is too small, too broad, or just right.

Is your competition advertising on social media? If you’ve seen your competitors push ads to you on your social platforms, you should be there too! If your competitor dominated the first page in Google with your keywords, wouldn’t you want to perform strong SEO or pay Google to put you in front of them? Well, the same goes for social media.

When setting a budget, it’s necessary to remember that you are selecting the maximum amount of money you wish to spend. Most businesses spend about 15% of their total online budget on social media alone.

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